Dubai: The wonder of the modern world

A renowned expert and admirer of glamour and luxury, Dubai became the World's ultimate high fashion hub.
It is now not only the globe's center of luxury, style and fashion, but also a popular place of furs re-export.


The exclusive boutiques

BRASCHI is represented in Dubai by distinguished exclusive mono-brand fur boutiques with a gorgeous collection of elegant fur clothes. There are items in the collection made of delicate chinchilla fur, barguzin sable, snow-white lynx, selected finnish fox, famous finest Namibian karakul and of course the most popular fur - mink. A new line of accessories makes them even trendier.

List of BRASCHI Boutiques in Dubai

With new Braschi boutiques located in Souk Madinat Jumeirah and Jumeirah Beach Hotel, tourists and visitors from around the world have a chance to buy furs from reliable specialized and commercially trusted shops.

Here you have a guaranteed quality and design that has always distinguished the products made in Italy. This is what the customers expect from Italian collections.

List of BRASCHI Boutiques in Dubai