The Maison Braschi story

It all started with a love story.

It was the 1960s when Lorenzo Braschi, a young and romantic entrepreneur, met Kate Anna Topp, a beautiful woman of Dutch origin, and fell madly in love with her. Together, they started an exciting journey which saw them united in life and work; united by the same passion for beautiful things; driven by curiosity, enthusiasm and the desire to tackle new challenges. Their business idea was to transform fur into a new creative, cultured and modern language, nourished by art and inspired by the femininity of new movie icons.

It was 1966 when Lorenzo Braschi opened his first Braschi boutique. From Sophia Loren to Audrey Hepburn, Monica Vitti and Grace Kelly, the young Maison looked at these new models of beauty as inspiration for its creations. And soon these film stars not only became affectionate customers but also personal friends of the Braschi couple, sharing their idea of elegance and style.



For them, Maison Braschi created over the years unique and unforgettable garments, made of the finest leather, by skilled craftsmen. The success-reaping company then went on to open new boutiques throughout Italy.

In 1976, during a trip to New York, Kate Anna and Lorenzo Braschi were invited to the MET, to the inauguration of the exhibition “The Glory of the Russian Costume Exhibition” curated by Diana Vreeland. For Ms. Braschi, the encounter with Russian culture was truly dazzling. She became passionate about its every expression: from history to art, dance and music. Her creations were enriched with a world of aristocratic and intellectual references. This was the start of the brand’s great international success.

In 2000, Maurizio Braschi, Kate Anna and Lorenzo’s son, took over the helm of the company, pursuing the course set by his parents and further expanding the Maison’s international success.

In 2005, the Maison signed a major agreement with the prestigious NAFA Auction House to certify the high quality of its products and the materials used.

In the following years, Braschi opened numerous monobrand boutiques all over the world, asserting the company once and for all as a leading Made in Italy fashion brand.

A product designed for sophisticated consumers.

The Maison is present in Milan in Via Verri 10, in the heart of the fashion district. Currently, Braschi has 10 monobrand stores in Russia and 3 in Dubai, and will be presenting an important new opening schedule in the coming months. In addition, the brand is distributed on major international markets through over 150 wholesale outlets.

A brand undergoing constant innovation, but which remains faithful to the values of Made in Italy creativity, tradition and craftsmanship which have always been a cornerstone of Braschi creations.