How to distinguish an original fur from fake one?

In order to distinguish the original BRASCHI furs from the fake one, please pay attention to the following details:
Silk lining with Braschi in Dubai

1. Lining

An authentic BRASCHI fur coat has silk lining with BRASCHI logo all over the entire surface of the product.
Unique Braschi Furs code

2. Unique code

Each BRASCHI fur product has two unique codes. The first 6-digit number is located on the label under the bar code and begins with the Latin Z. (Example numbers – Z000000). The second one is located on the woven label that is sewn inside every fur product and consists of 6 numbers. If you contact BRASCHI Furs Company and provide these two unique codes, we will be able to tell you, with perfect accuracy, whether this is an original product. These two numbers are used to determine the date and place of creation of the product as well as the name and location of the buyer.
Unique Braschi Furs code

3. CertiEye Icon

Anyone who has a smartphone with the CertiEye app installed can authenticate the BRASCHI fur garment instantly. To do this, scan the icon, which is located on a fabric label of coat.